21 October 2009

October 21, 2009 #4

This drop is different, this is more of a "controlled" drop for lack of a better way to phrase it. This is one of the angels that you first met in the second drop, you can read their "history" there to know the background of how they were created.

When the angels were created, they really sort of "assigned" themselves to what sort of felt right for each of them. The first, and most simple one, was meant to stay with me, I love the simplicity of her. The second, with the yellow face was meant to be a drop and was the second in the series. The third, with the opening line of the Desiderata poem on her front, she sort of felt like she was meant to go somewhere else, but I wasn't sure where.

It wasn't more than a couple of days after she was made that I got a phone call from a very sweet woman I've never met, although we have worked together from quite a distance. She is one of those really sweet people you just know you would love to have as a friend. Things have been a tad hectic for her of late, and she was checking in to see if we could make something happen a bit ahead of schedule because she is taking a bit of medical leave in November. I just "knew" that the angel is meant for her. So, "technically", this drop isn't going to be for just any random stranger, but just as "technically", while she and I have worked together on a couple of things...we've never actually met, so in a way we are strangers. And, in the end, since it's my art project, I get to amend the rules as I please. Besides, in the 52 weeks that this is promised to run, I really want to know that at least one of the creations makes it into the hands of someone real, and isn't "lost" out there somewhere.

Now, because I am pretty sure that she will be curious enough to check out the blog, a little note just to her....the angel really did just need to be yours...she wings her way south (terrible pun I know....)and she brings with her my prayers and good wishes for all good things...and hopes that there are no more leaks in the ice maker, or at the very least that the dog learns to bark if there is...and I can't wait to hear how well it has all gone!


Anonymous said...

I am so happy to be the recipient of this angel.
She is a beautiful, intricate and inspiring piece of art. You have no idea how amazing her creation story is to me. When I was sixteen years old my family lost everything to a house fire. Our small town surrounded us with love, food, shoes and blankets, as it was a cold December night. I will always remember their kindness just as I will treasure my new "random act of kindness." God Bless, Marie

Little Art, Big Heart said...

I'm so glad you got her...she carries all my best wishes!

Snugglebug Blessings said...

I just love these, they are so wonderful. You are so very creative. God bless, Cathy

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