21 November 2009

November 20, 2009 #8

This is the small piece I was going to leave a few weeks ago when I changed my mind and went to the angel.

The piece is hand made of polymer clay. The sentiment on it says "Prayers to heaven on angel wings, my wish for you..all good things. Stands about three inches tall, and the back is decorated as well.

This item is number three of four.

14 November 2009

November 13, 2009, #7

This began with a doodle that stemmed from a particularly unproductive time trying to be creative. The Psalm came into my head, and I realized that sometimes I simply need to learn to be still.

From that, a card was born.

This week the drop is a set of ten cards with envelopes created from the original work.

06 November 2009

November 05, 2009 #6

With everything that has gone on over the last two days, I thought "Betsy" might be the item to leave.

She is a handmade art doll. Her body is made of polymer clay that has been painted and her face drawn on, then glazed for protection. Her skirt is made of a stars on blue cotton fabric, hand sewn, with a ruffle of red. It has a bit of weighting in the bottom to her stay where she is put.

She is an original.