21 November 2009

November 20, 2009 #8

This is the small piece I was going to leave a few weeks ago when I changed my mind and went to the angel.

The piece is hand made of polymer clay. The sentiment on it says "Prayers to heaven on angel wings, my wish for you..all good things. Stands about three inches tall, and the back is decorated as well.

This item is number three of four.

14 November 2009

November 13, 2009, #7

This began with a doodle that stemmed from a particularly unproductive time trying to be creative. The Psalm came into my head, and I realized that sometimes I simply need to learn to be still.

From that, a card was born.

This week the drop is a set of ten cards with envelopes created from the original work.

06 November 2009

November 05, 2009 #6

With everything that has gone on over the last two days, I thought "Betsy" might be the item to leave.

She is a handmade art doll. Her body is made of polymer clay that has been painted and her face drawn on, then glazed for protection. Her skirt is made of a stars on blue cotton fabric, hand sewn, with a ruffle of red. It has a bit of weighting in the bottom to her stay where she is put.

She is an original.

26 October 2009

October 26, 2009 #5

I'm employing a new tactic....I've asked a friend if she will "drop" the next item for me, so that they can spread out a bit over the city, rather than just hanging out where I hang out in town.

This week, it's a wee bear.

I'm not sure how these came to be...other than I wanted to do another toy for The Toy Society. I wanted a simple, small, eeensie, weenie bear, or bunny...or maybe a monkey. Really, I wanted a monkey, but that tail never did work well...I will get it to bend to my way eventually, I'm certain.

But, I digress...back to this week's drop. After a bit of bother, I finally designed a pattern that I like relatively well. There are a few things I'll tweak about it with the next few batches of these, but, for now...she's pretty cute. She is really small. Fits beautifully in the palm of my hand...see....

I sewed a grand total of 7 of them over the weekend, got them stuffed, and their faces all on. Three of them I got dressed, as you can see above. The one in the pink dress will be The Toy Society drop, and this little one that is so colorful is going to be left in some random place to be found by my friend Connie. I've given her instructions to leave it somewhere she thinks the little thing will be found. The bear is little, and the world is big...I worry...

Update...I was notified this afternoon by the friend who dropped the little bear that she left it in the fort at a park near Palomar....I hope she finds a good home!

21 October 2009

October 21, 2009 #4

This drop is different, this is more of a "controlled" drop for lack of a better way to phrase it. This is one of the angels that you first met in the second drop, you can read their "history" there to know the background of how they were created.

When the angels were created, they really sort of "assigned" themselves to what sort of felt right for each of them. The first, and most simple one, was meant to stay with me, I love the simplicity of her. The second, with the yellow face was meant to be a drop and was the second in the series. The third, with the opening line of the Desiderata poem on her front, she sort of felt like she was meant to go somewhere else, but I wasn't sure where.

It wasn't more than a couple of days after she was made that I got a phone call from a very sweet woman I've never met, although we have worked together from quite a distance. She is one of those really sweet people you just know you would love to have as a friend. Things have been a tad hectic for her of late, and she was checking in to see if we could make something happen a bit ahead of schedule because she is taking a bit of medical leave in November. I just "knew" that the angel is meant for her. So, "technically", this drop isn't going to be for just any random stranger, but just as "technically", while she and I have worked together on a couple of things...we've never actually met, so in a way we are strangers. And, in the end, since it's my art project, I get to amend the rules as I please. Besides, in the 52 weeks that this is promised to run, I really want to know that at least one of the creations makes it into the hands of someone real, and isn't "lost" out there somewhere.

Now, because I am pretty sure that she will be curious enough to check out the blog, a little note just to her....the angel really did just need to be yours...she wings her way south (terrible pun I know....)and she brings with her my prayers and good wishes for all good things...and hopes that there are no more leaks in the ice maker, or at the very least that the dog learns to bark if there is...and I can't wait to hear how well it has all gone!