29 September 2009

The beginning...

What if, when you go to the bank to make a deposit, as you open the container that gets sucked up the tube you found a small soft sculpted heart?

How about when you go to the grocery right between the can of tomatoes and can of corn you find a little painting?

Maybe, when you stop to drop a letter in the post box you find an art doll hanging from the handle with a note that it is for you...would it brighten your day?

For some time now I've left little pieces of "art" around my town for random strangers to find. The art is left with the the idea that it is nothing more than making the day of a random stranger a little brighter (hopefully). It is left anonymously, in the most ordinary of places, where we all spend portions of our day doing things that need to be done (you know, the daily grind stuff, the stuff we all really don't want to do, but have to do)...the shelves of the groceries we shop in, the trails we walk, the outside bank tubes, the tables in restaurants...anywhere we are all going about our daily lives is fair game for a little piece of art.

Each little piece is left with a note explaining what it is so that there is no confusion about its purpose, and asking the recipient that, if they choose not to keep it, to either leave it for the next person, or give it to someone they think would like it. Once each piece leaves my hands I know nothing more about what happens to it. I've done this with some sense of secrecy because the intention isn't about getting praise for doing it, it's about doing something that I find fun.

I have to admit though, I am curious about what happens to these little things. I wonder if they actually find their way to people, and what the reactions are of those who find them. to that end, I am creating this blog. The only thing that will change about the process is that this blog address will be left on the note of those random pieces. IF they want, the recipient can let me know what they thought...they can do that in the comment section under the post that contains a photo of what they found...if not, then I will continue to hope that they find their way into the hands of people who need a moment of surprise in their day.

I've decided I'm going to do this once a week for a year, after that, I may continue, or I may think I've given it my best shot...only time will tell.

I welcome your comments, your thoughts...and even your participation if you'd like...this idea isn't unique, anyone can do it, join me in sharing "Little Art, Big Heart"...who knows how many people might have a bit better day if lots of us participate? And just think about all the good things that might happen if we all have just a bit better day. If you do create something to leave, let me know, I'll include it here and add a link if you blog...and, if you'd like a copy of the cards to leave with the little art big heart gifts let me know, email me...just hit the contact us button.

With that in mind, here's to little art with big heart...may it spread a smile wherever it is found...