09 October 2009

October 9, 2009 #2

This little piece has been created from an antique quilt. The quilt has been worn to a frazzle...the fabric is so thin that you can see through it. It is a beautifully worn piece that has been well loved through these many years. The quilt came into my family when I was young, the house my parents had built burned and nothing was saved.

The blessing about growing up in a rural area in that time was that the entire community came together to help us begin again. We were gifted with several handmade quilts.

This particular quilt was not the most intricately designed one, nor did it have the tightest of stitches, but in the time that has passed between it has seen laughter and tears, and has always been a wonderful comfort. Now that it is falling apart I cannot bear to just toss it away, or to store it where it is never touched. Part of the magic of a real quilt is the touch. The touch of those who put love into every stitch as it comes together, and the touch of those who are covered by that love later. This quilt deserves to be more...so...I'm turning it into new things to be loved...hopefully she will be. This is the second project...

The angel was dropped this morning when I dropped off a payment on my way to work...she was left in a plastic bag because we've had yet one more day of rain and storms..


Magpie Sue said...

Well how cool is this! I found this blog via The Toy Society and then your personal blog. I wish you success in this endeavor and I want to thank you for the video "Validation." Now I may have to go back and read more of your blog... :- )

Little Art, Big Heart said...

Glad you're here, hope you enjoy the blog!

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